Aliens Rock Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

A brand new studio seeking to make its mark by turning an current genre on its mind is not a situation that yells success.

However, 11bit Studios’ debut effort is a commendable, if brief, experience that’s unlike any other tower defense match you have ever playedwith.

Through careful choice of your components and their updates and smart use of four game-changing forces, you need to direct your drive on a slow progress through heaps of urban mazes lined with enemy towers. I never would have believed this a”tower crime” game might be a good encounter, but I was pleasantly surprised during this invasion.

This superb small game is a conversion of a PC name released every month, and in a mere #2.49 about the iPad it is a complete steal.

In tower defence games each second counts in short, particularly for those fingertip Sun Tzus, here is the simple model: in Baghdad, later on, there is a comet, aliens are involved and, essentially, conflict — depicted within an RTS with exact, fluid controls and inventive images.

It plays brightly and not a dodgy Jason Statham impersonator performing the voiceover can detract from your pleasure — unmissable.

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