Halloween Game Updates Roundup

The 2021 Leadwerks Halloween Game Tournament is complete, with results above and beyond any previous game tournament. the standard , content, and fun of the lineup of games this tournament is basically spectacular.

Halloween Pumpkin Run

If one game summed up the spirit of this year’s tournament, it’s this title. The atmosphere, gameplay, and fun of this title make it a moment classic within the Leadwerks catalog of user-made games.

Try to collect all the pumpkins but watch out for the graveyard residents who do not like trespassers disturbing them. The more pumpkins you’re taking the more dead will awaken!

Siege (Download)

SIEGE is an RTS where two teams fight to be the last one standing. Once a combatant has been slain, it’ll become a zombie and fight anyone who is near him. confirm you’re the one standing within the end.

Island of Fear

You live during a small house on a fishing island, at some point Henry has caught an unknown species successfully. because the people of Island of Fear not have big catch more had that they had for fish to eat before hand. Henry stop it had been over the campfire and test it. He gave the people clearly and thought it tasted great! Everyone grabbed a bit and thought it had been also very tasty. Since you are doing not trust the test fish, you took some bread to yourself and visited bed. within the night you awaken and may not trust your eyes.

Rolly: The Rollable Ball That Rolls To Much

A coding exercise is completed for the Halloween Game Tournament. it isn’t “Halloween-ish” but i feel it’s something else which will cause you to scream and curse aloud . I’ll still update the project a touch at a time until the Tournament ends.

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