Has Pro Evo Finally Evolved

The word’season update’ is a concise summary of the frustrations experienced by the players of the two major soccer games, PES and FIFA, but, ironically, it is also a word that describes the most meaningful developments in the soccer game. That’s why someone can’t simply answer the question, “So, is this year’s PES worth buying?”

In the game, the ability to control running after the first touch has been improved, and when the ball is caught, chips, ground paths, and crosses can be subdivided and input, and when the ball is received at the appropriate timing, it gives a great reward. Of course, I can’t say this is the best football game. There are still situations where the AI ​​is only looking at the big ball, and 21 AI players seem to play while dozing until they catch the ball, which breaks the immersion. It’s been so long since the days of the PS2 that I’d like to see advances in this part of Konami’s next-generation football game coming next year.

If you’ve been a fan of PES, you can discover new content in a menu that doesn’t seem to change since the days of PS2. The Master League is reinforced with new manager and avatar options, as well as official Euro 2020 content that has not yet started. If all of the things I’ve said so far sound like nothing to do, it’s important to remember that this football game doesn’t set the title price at full price the way it was before.

Now we know what the PES 2021 is, and we know what’s in it. If so, let’s see if this game is worth buying, even at an affordable price.

Looking at the data alone, the Seasonal Update seems to be the answer to all the sports franchise issues released every year. The reality is that games released every year don’t have enough time to show innovation, and seasonal updates are a reasonably relaxed await for innovation that changes the way you play. Although this year ends with such a small update, it is affordable, and the value of the game is also maintained, so I can stand this for a more wonderful game experience that will appear next year. Of course next year we will revisit how Konami used this year’s time.

As Konami has officially announced, this future-looking schedule feels like a practical solution. I’m not saying it’s not disappointing, but the game’s fundamental maturity and pricing alleviate disappointment.


Except for a small update, PES 2021 in conclusion has the same experience as the previous game. Therefore, if you already have the previous work, it is not worth upgrading for a better game experience. But to this little consumer, “While we’re preparing for big innovation, can you wait with an update package like this one?” It raises an important question, and the season update is also an experiment on the business model. I cautiously agree with the direction of the year that the PES has set for a bigger leap forward.

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