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No matter what one thinks of this prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars animated series was the ideal Star Wars whatever because the launch of The Empire Strikes Back.

Series producer David Filoni took the lemons of the prequels and also gave lovers candy java in exchange, using more than 1 billion episodes showcasing the very best CG actions animation on tv. Within months of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm, they cancelled Clone Wars, likely not needing a Disney owned land on the Time-Warner possessed Cartoon Network.

Many episodes have been produced for a sixth time, but it appears that Disney was interested in starting an all-new Star Wars show because of their Disney XD station compared to playing out one final year of an older series.

The simple fact that Rebels follows up Clone Wars chronologically usually means this new series could be a sequel string in many respects,beating the dangling plot points left dangling from the sudden ending of this Clone Wars this season, while being its own series. Star Wars: Rebels can provide fans a series set in the treasured timeline of the first films (or at least closer to it) and also please younger lovers, for whom the animated show is the sole Star Wars they understand.

Which 5 Characters you want in Stars Wars?

5. Darth Maul

4. Princess Leia Organa

3. Boba Fett

2. Darth Vader

  1. Ahsoka Tano

However trendy the Clone Wars animated series was, that they might never create the Mark I Battle Droids, that initially appeared in the live-action prequels, ever look anything less than irritating as hell. Their voices bugged, the continuous”roger, roger” bugged, and they have been about as threatening appearing like a squadron of poodles. Clone Wars finally established additional, much less lame battle droids for the Jedi and their clone troops to struggle, but for continuity’s sake, had to resort to using the first droids also, because they were showcased at the live-action movies. Although the Clone Wars must be well over by the stage we reach the occasions of Star Wars: Rebels, I expect that Filoni isn’t enticed to bring some of these annoying-ass robots into this area of the narrative. Leave all of them in the Imperial junkyard where they belong.

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